Join Stars Rewards now and you could win a share of $250,000 in an instant

Stars Rewards is our new program, rewarding your real money play across all our products. To celebrate its launch we’re giving away a huge $250,000, including loads of random Chests containing $1,000 cash prizes!

However you like to play, Stars Rewards makes sure you receive rewards tailored to you and the activities you enjoy the most! Click here for more details on how Stars Rewards works.

Join Stars Rewards today and start collecting points towards your first Chest, filled with goodies just for you.

Can you find the next $1,000 Chest?

We’re hiding cash prizes $1,000 in Chests at random. Open one of these special Chests and the cash will be yours! Here’s all you need to do:

  • Join the Stars Rewards program: simply look for the Stars Rewards widget in our software (under ‘My Stars’ in the mobile app) and click on the ‘Start’ button, or hit the button below.
  • Start playing. You’ll earn reward points for real money gaming activity on any of our products available in your region. Reward points fill your progress bar, which once full awards you a Chest.
  • Every Chest could contain $1,000 in cash! And even if your Chest doesn’t contain a big money reward, it will be filled with personalized rewards tailored to you and the games you like to play.

There’s no limit to how many Chests you can win each day. As you win more, the number of reward points you’ll need to earn to win each Chest will increase, but so will the value of each Chest. And if you don’t play regularly we’ll make sure your points targets remain achievable so you’ll always be in with a chance of winning a big reward!

Got questions? Check out the main Stars Rewards page, or the Stars Rewards FAQ page.

Special Offer Details & Rules

If you have any questions about Stars Rewards, or the $250,000 giveaway, please contact Support.

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