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General details about Star Codes

Star Codes are used to claim certain promotional offers. By entering one of these codes in our software you can opt-in to promotions, receive bonuses, tournament tickets, special rewards and more.

Star Codes are different from bonus codes and in most cases a Star Code can be used without any deposit required.

When it comes to Star Codes, take into account the following:

  1. Some Star Codes are only offered to certain players and are not part of public promotions, while others are open to everyone (this is determined by our Marketing Department).
  2. Star Codes can have different expiration dates depending on the promotion.
  3. Depending on the terms of the promotion, Star Codes can be used just once or more than one time.
  4. If you have entered a Star Code and did not receive a pop-up message, be patient and do not enter the code again. When the system is particularly busy, it may take slightly longer to process your Star Code entry.

To use a Star Code, simply log in to your Stars Account and follow these instructions:


  1. Tools
  2. Star Code

Web application:

  1. Account
  2. Settings
  3. Star Code


Please contact our support team for assistance as they will need to provide you with a link.


  1. Menu
  2. Settings & Tools
  3. Account
  4. Enter Star Code


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