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Setting Casino game restrictions in .NJ

We give players the option to restrict themselves from cash game tables. To apply this, from the main lobby select: 

  1. Tools
  2. Responsible Gaming
  3. Restrict Casino Limits...

This will allow you to set your own casino restriction limits for each game category; you can set this restriction to 'DON'T PLAY' and you won't be allowed to play the specific game. This feature does not affect CASH games or Tournaments/ Sit&Gos. 

Each category is entirely independent and a restriction set for solely one category will have no bearing on the other three. 

You can lift the restriction through the same menu and any requests to remove or increase your limit will take 24 hours to be approved. Also, remember that you must reaffirm your decision upon your next login or 24hrs after requesting an increase.


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